21st Century After-School Programs

We are excited to share five 21st Century Community Learning Centers after-school classes (some new) for WMS students during 3rd Quarter.  Classes will run 7 weeks – from 1/17-3/2/17 (no classes 2/16 & 2/20 when there’s no school).  

For more information or a paper copy of this application, call Bernie Marsh (887-6090 Ext. 226) or email: Bernie_Marsh@wmpccs.org.

To download this application, double click on the image and print:

To learn more about or sign up for other 3rd Quarter after-school opportunities:

Robotics:  Please see Miss Nau'i, Miss Gusman or Ms. Bowman

Mala'ai School Garden After-School: Mrs. Pat Rice (887-6090 Ext. 296 or email: Pat_Rice@wmpccs.org)

Athletics:  Please see AD Warren Tamaye or email Warren_Tamaye@wmpccs.org