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Bullying Is Not Pono': Bullying Prevention 101

posted Mar 15, 2019, 5:10 PM by Steven Smith   [ updated May 9, 2019, 2:30 PM ]

Bullying Prevention 101

Banner created by 8th grade.

A reggae hit song embedded with Hawai'is core value of ALOHA, called “Bullying Is Not Pono” by the Sons of Yeshua, kicked off a Bullying Prevention 101 lesson for all WMS students this past week by Principal Janice English.  

This high energy interactive lesson explored what bullying is (and is not), why it’s hurtful, how to stop/prevent it -- and how kindness and becoming an "upstander" can make everyone feel safe and be a school that "lives" our IKAIR core values.

The lesson also explored differences between “conflict” and “bullying” and concluded with a reminder that not only does bullying hurt people and cause them to not feel safe, but can get a student suspended.  

The lesson concluded with students answering questions with white board paddles plus a round of online Kahoot! to check for understanding, and the first to respond received Campus Cash as prizes. 

Here are several lines of the “Bullying Is Not Pono” lyrics by Sons of Yeshua:

“Now letʻs go take a trip right down to memory lane

and remember what Braddah IZ was saying.

“When I was a keiki my tūtū come and say to me.

She said, "help your friends and neighbors.

Live in harmony.

Its not pono, to make somebody feel like they amount to nothing.

Itʻs not pono,

when you bully somebody to deal with your own insecurities.

Cut it out!”   

Mahalo to this reggae group for sharing these thoughts.

Click PDF link below to review the PowerPoint that accompanied the Principal's talk-story.

Steven Smith,
Mar 17, 2019, 6:40 AM