Staff Bulletin - August 16, 2012

posted Aug 31, 2012, 9:38 AM by Matt Horne



Thank you sincerely for your timely and focused participation in yesterday’s meeting.  I know it was long, and in reflection I’m thinking it might have been too much information all at once – thank you for hanging in there.  Future full-faculty inservices will be more focused on specific, actionable strategies and planning related to Professional Learning Communities and Data Driven Decision Making.


TECHNOLOGY SURVEY  (to do – everyone)

Only 10 people have responded to the technology survey sent out in last week’s bulletin.  The technology committee needs some information from you in order to plan for moving forward with tech resources and training.  All staff with any technology, please take 5-10 minutes to to fill out this technology survey ASAP


WISH LIST  (to do – dept. teams)

In recent meetings with the Local Advisory Panel (LAP), local philanthropic organizations, and interested individuals, we’re often asked, “how can we help?” or “what do you really need?”  To answer these questions and be prepared the next time we’re asked, I’d like to prepare a consolidated, prioritized wish list.  We’ll have the discussion in Monday’s leadership meeting (Aug 20), so if you’ve got a pressing idea (anything is on the table)e-mail your department head ASAP.



We’ve received the individual student reports for last year’s HSA tests.  The Math and Language Arts departments have decided that Thursday, Aug. 23 will work well for reviewing these reports with students and doing goal-setting for this year.  Because both the Math and L.A. reports are on the same sheet, we need to pass out the individual HSA reports during the first period of the day (4th) on Thursday, Aug. 23.  You’ll find the reports for your 4th-period students in your box sometime next week.


UPDATING JUPITER GRADES  (to do – teachers)

With the goal of launching Jupiter Grades parent and student access at the Open House on August 29.  The first deadline for updating Jupiter Grades has been set at August 20.  We will use that first date to make sure everyone's got a handle on the system.  Following that, grades should be updated again for midterms: whatever is in Jupiter Grades at the end of the day on August 27 will be printed to be mailed home on August 29.  On a regular basis, Jupiter Grades should be updated on the 5th and 20th of each month.


FREE FLU VACCINATION CLINIC – OCT 17 (info – everyone)

Family permission forms to be sent home with students on Tuesday (8/21) and are due back by September 7, 2012. Forms received after 9/7 will be waitlisted. Waitlisted individuals may be vaccinated on School Clinic Date (Oct. 17), depending on the availability of vaccine.  Questions:  see Tanya.



An important question arose yesterday about our legal obligations to protect student educational records and personally identifiable information.  After reviewing the FERPA notification we send to parents (also found at, the short answer is: we have a responsibility to maintain the privacy of student educational records.  However, we are permitted to disclose both educational records and personally identifiable information to school officials with legitimate educational interest.  School official is identified as, “administrators, supervisors, instructors, support staff members, school board members, or contractors performing institutional services.” Legitimate educational interest is defined as, “the need to review in order to fulfill his or her professional educational responsibility.”  All of the staff at WMS has a professional duty to serve all of the students. 


Our internal server (S-Drive) is a secure location to store student documents, dept. minutes, etc. in a location available only to school officials.  That being said, with access to information comes a substantial responsibility for each of us to maintain the security of student information to only school officials with legitimate educational interest.  Although I strongly encourage professional dialogue and sharing of student information that will benefit students educationally, use extreme caution whenever sharing sensitive student information in a manner that could potentially reach beyond our school officials.  You can always share information with a student’s parent or legal guardian without concern (just make sure they’re really the legal guardian and make sure you’re only sharing information about their child). 


Some essential practices to protect student privacy: Take care to maintain the security of any network or internet passwords.  Take care to secure any files or paperwork with student educational information.  Whenever using e-mail or sharing student educational record documents electronically, ensure you are only sharing withschool officials with legitimate educational interest – WMS staff generally apply.  Please see me with any clarifications, questions, or concerns.


KUDOS (this section will never be comprehensive, but definitely representative)

·         I’m very impressed by the deep and meaningful dialogue happening in both the Math Department and the Language Arts Department surrounding student goal-setting.  Our students will walk away understanding their scores, focused on the future with an action plan, and motivated to do their best.  Great work!

·         Cerilla Balberde has been doing an excellent job keeping data on school bus ridership.  She created her own chart and has been counting our students’ getting on and off each bus since the beginning of the year.  This data will help make big decisions about how to spend our transportation dollars in the future.

·         Jennifer Fischer came back last week from an intensive training in the direct-instruction Language!curriculum and has already jumped in with both feet implementing this challenging assignment.  It will definitely be a lot of work, but the promised results will be worth it for our kids.

·         Nau’i Murphy did an outstanding job of collecting everyone’s feedback and linking it to the newly developing schoolwide vision.  She’s continued to collect feedback and keep the process moving.  Additionally, she has been going above and beyond the call of duty by assisting other teachers with the implementation of Jupiter Grades and working with me to work out the bugs and make sure the settings are right for everyone.  Finally, she worked to collect feedback from this round and the last round of construction input and met with the engineers and DOE representatives to give our school’s input.  Thank you Nau’i!  





Statehood Day!



Free Dress Day - Reminder - Dress Code applies!  During advisory please review Dress Code. Leggings (stretchy cotton fitted pants) are not allowed per planner unless shorts/skirt that is long enough is worn over them.  That and length of shorts/skirts are always the biggest dress code culprits.



These need to be returned!  Open House: Wed., Aug. 29 – 5-7 pm – begins in Cafeteria; concludes w/ classroom visits. 



Order forms were sent home in Tuesday Envelope and available in the office and on website.  Price currently $28 but will creep up each Quarter.  Students may submit order form and payment to “one of our friendly YearbookStaff Members: during 1st Recess only right outside of Mrs. Onaka's room this week and next.  Students will receive a receipt upon payment. 



Homework Help+:   Please remind students it has started!  Tuesdays/Thursdays, 2:30-3:30 pm.  Includes snacks & busing.




Practices – Mondays/Fridays, 2:30-3:30 pm and Wednesdays 1:30-2:30 pm.   Still time to sign up; see Mr. Tamaye or pickup forms in the office.  First meet Sat., 9/15 at Christian Liberty/Hilo.  WMS-Hosted meet:  Sat., Sept. 29.  Next meet at Kamehameha Schools-Kea’au 10/6.   




Wednesdays, 1:30-2 p.m.  Started yesterday.  Instructor Iris Thompson in P-12A.  Class is full.



Started Aug. 14 – every Tuesday & Thursday thereafter from 2:15-3:30 pm. In K-01.  If interested, please see Ms. Murphy.  



8th graders – please see Mas.  First official meeting will be Thurs., Aug. 23 - 2:20 - 3:25 p.m. in W-101.  Participating students may catch tutoring bus.  7th graders - please see Mrs. Bowman; 6th graders – please see Ms. Owens for specific information. 



They’ve asked us to announce that their open house will run from 4:00-7:30 p.m., Tues., Aug. 21, 2012.  The evening will showcase programs and activities on campus and families will be able to visit their child's classroom and meet their teachers.  Entertainment will be provided and dinner will be served.