Staff Bulletin - August 31, 2012

posted Aug 31, 2012, 9:39 AM by Matt Horne


GRATITUDE:  The warm round of applause our teacher team received on Wednesday from families was most deserved for your tremendous effort collectively and individually in helping launch the online JupiterGrades program for our students & families.  It’s a very impressive feat to have 100% of our students with up-to-date grades in the system.  I’m expecting we’ll get several family calls with requests for help or questions, but that’s a good thing.  Thank you – take a bow!



TODAY (Wed., Aug. 29):

·         Login information mailed home

·         Mid-Term reports mailed home

·         Deficiency reports mailed home


·         Grades will be “live” online

5th and 20th OF EACH MONTH:

·         Teachers will have grades current

·         Grades will remain “live” for one week – 5th – 12th, and 20th – 27th


·         Progress reports mailed home


OPEN HOUSE FOLLOWUP:   Another big thank you to everyone who went above and beyond to make last night a great beginning for fully engaging families in this year’s “voyage of learning”…

·         We estimate that about 330 attended and we provided dinner for about 275.   Thanks to class Advisors for encouraging attendance and to Tanya for 3 or 4 School Connects calls.   It worked! 

·         Great participation by the entire faculty and staff – thank you. 

·         Families seemed very attentive -- especially to JupiterGrades information

·         Special thanks to the office team, EAs, and Neil & Ronald in the cafeteria for the great food.  Also thanks to Jennifer, Mary and students who helped with welcoming & signing families in and to staff there to greet families.   

·         Special thanks to the 8th grade students who surprised us (well, me anyway) with their chant presentation!

·         Thanks too, to Keali’i, Pua and Keala for the opening chant introduction – the level of family participation in what seems like a challenging new chant was inspiring.

·         I was able to drop in on many meaningful presentations in classrooms – again, thank you.   I was very pleased to see how many stayed for the entire classroom presentations. 

·         One more thing – I’m still surprised but pleased that Sen. Solomon attended and talked about the three things that are on her radar:  equitable funding for charter schools, our science-tech building and this community’s long-time dream of a high school.  All good. 

ACCREDITATION FOCUS GROUP MEETINGS NEXT WED., 9/5:  Groups to meet in their respective locations, 2-3 p.m.   We have invited family and community LAP members and several others who have expressed particular interest in WMS to participate in one of the various Focus Groups.  If you know of someone who might be interested and has the time or a special area of expertise, Patti Cook can email you the flyer to share with them or will do the follow-up to recruit them.


HO'OKAKO'O CORP UPDATE:   As you may have heard, I invited LAP Chair Dr. Kamana Beamer to attend the recent  Ho'okako'o Board meeting with me in Honolulu.  It was very helpful for them to meet him face-to-face to build a relationship between our LAP and the board.  Also, Dr. Beamer shared at Monday’s LAP meeting that he heard that the proposed leadership change at Ho'okako'o was confirmed:  Keith Vieira has stepped down as chair.  He's still on the board, but the Chair position has been handed off to Pauline Lo Bailey, who heads up Human Resources for Punahou School, and Ann Botticelli is now the Vice Chair.  I don't believe this has been formally announced yet, but that’s what’s new.

STUDENT ROUND-TABLE NOMINATIONS:  I’d like to get a student advisory group together to meet with me once a month or so.  I’ll meet with 6-9 kids and may change it up at semester; I’m going to call it the Student Round-Table.  It’s just a chance for me to talk on a regular basis with kids from all grades and a variety of “circles” to do a temperature check and see what’s on kids’ radar.  I would very much appreciate nominations/suggestions for students to interview and invite; I’m not looking for just the vocal kids or the leaders – I’m looking for a representative sample, so some from each social circle would be great.  If you’ve got suggestions, please get me names and grade-level and I’ll pull together a group.  Thank you.


STUDENT-STUDENT SEXUAL HARASSMENT:  We recently had to suspend a student for inappropriate sexual comments and inappropriate touching.  It seems to have stemmed from a couple of trends: 1) students have picked up the term “make purple” as a euphemism for having sex [pink + blue = purple], 2) we’re seeing some continuation of a trend called “slap-ass Friday.”  Obviously, anything related to either of these trends is 100% unacceptable and grounds for swift and serious discipline.  Please keep a watchful eye out for anything along these lines and do convey the message that any similar behavior is sexual harassment and will be treated very seriously.


REMINDER:  FREE FLU VAX CLINIC FORMS:  Due back September 7, 2012.  Clinic at WMS on Oct. 17.  Faculty-staff may log online to request:  Be sure to print a copy for your records. Questions?  Please see Tanya.


VOLLEYBALL COACHES STILL NEEDED:  If interested, of if you know of anyone who might be interrested, please contact Warren.  Mandatory clinics next week – Tues. & Thurs., Sept. 4 & 6:  Ages 11-14 at 4:30 p.m. to confirm skill level for team placement.  Practices begin thereafter.   Still accepting signups – Mandatory Physical Exam forms available in the office, on website and from Mr. Tamaye.


LOTUS ISSUE:  For some reason, emails to Pat Rice, Keala Kahuanui, Amanda Rieux, Alethea Lai, Holly Sargeant-Green  and others who do not have a LOTUS account are not always going thru.  If you are sending out a 394 All Staff message, you may want to send to them separately. 


KUDOS (this section will never be comprehensive, but definitely representative)


·         Please help thank 8th grade students Kiara Lorenzo-Rodrigues and Cleo Castillo, who shared personal reflections about Kumu Keala working with inclusion math classes to integrate voyaging and math skills – measurement, economic lessons, etc.    

·         Erica Fischer, looking out for WMS, learned on Facebook that the Fairmont wanted to give away athletic gear.  We followed up and they’ll be coming next week to give a large donation to our cross country team.  Awesome!

·         Barbara Haight – Ongoing Coqui eradication advocacy (and her picture is again in the paper today educating our community about this noisy invasive pest).  If you hear coqui in Waimea, tell Barbara or call: 885-FROG.

·         Carol Yurth, the DOE’s facilities coordinator for our district, has committed to start attending our monthly School Safety Committee Meetings.  Much appreciated.






OPEN HOUSE QUESTIONAIRES (BLUE FORMS REQUIRED BY TITLE 1 REPORT):  Advisors – please remind students to ask families to fill out the form and return them – please put in Patti Cook’s box. 


NICE NEWS:  THE FAIRMONT ORCHID TO DONATE ATHLETIC SHOES & GEAR TO OUR CROSS COUNTRY STUDENTS:  Mahalo Erica Fischer, who learned on Facebook about The Fairmont wanting to give away “gently used” gear…we followed up with Jaisy Jardine (yes, that’s Cathy’s daughter) and happy to report that GM Chris Luedi (pronounced Loody) and Exec Chef Hubert Des Marais (pronounced Day-Maray) are coming Wed., Sept. 5 at 1:30 p.m. to present shoes and gear to team members, and then the GM and I will join students on their practice run, while the chef prepares healthy snacks for the student athletes.  We expect several news media to cover this.  Thanks Erica – this is a very nice reward for our students!   Thanks to Facebook, too. 


“DOUGH-RAISING” FUNDRAISER W/ NEW DOMINO’S PIZZA IN PRC:   Various WMS groups are now earning 10% of the proceeds for the day’s sales on the following days – so please encourage family, friends, students, community to support this fundraiser.  Special pricing too - 1 Large/2-topping pizza is $8:

·         1st Wednesdays - Student Leadership/Yearbook

·         2nd Wednesdays - Robotics

·         3rd Wednesdays - 8th Grade Exit and activities

·         1st Mondays – Mawi/Mental Karate

·         4th Mondays - East Coast Trippers


SCHOOL-WIDE CHERRYDALE FARMS FUNDRAISER:  Catalogs/forms will be sent home in Tuesday Envelope (9/4).