Staff Bulletin - August 3, 2012

posted Aug 31, 2012, 9:34 AM by Matt Horne


Staff Portal: Calendar & Documents

The WMS Staff Portal at is up and running with a comprehensive calendar, links to dynamic Google Docs, mandatory training videos and frequently used documents and links for staff.  Please check it out and use it as a resource.


Scope & Sequence Documents

Many have already submitted their scope and sequence documents to me – thank you.  For those who haven’t, please get me whatever you have for at least the First Quarter before you head out for the weekend.  We’ll be revisiting our curriculum in greater depth as the year progresses; this is simply a starting point.


Mandatory Training Videos

Please view the five mandatory training videos and sign off with Michelle before August 15.  You can find links to the videos near the bottom of the Staff Portal (see above).


Teacher Evaluation Conferences

Thank you to everyone for getting me your initial self-reflections using the Teacher Competencies.  The next step will be to schedule individual professional growth conferences.  Expect an invitation and more information from me via Lotus e-mail.  There’s nothing you’re required to prepare for this first conference, but I will send you some optional tools that are built into the system to support your professional growth.  Stay tuned.

Lunch Count Data

Advisory Teachers:  Whatever you’ve been doing to get students into the lunch line has been working.  Our lunch counts for this week were Monday: 178 (65%), Tuesday: 169 (62%), Wednesday: 167 (61%), and Thursday: 187 (68%).  It’s definitely in our best interest (for countless reasons) for all of our kids to eat lunch.  Thank you for your help encouraging them to get into the cafeteria.   We also thank new Cafeteria Manager Neil Matsumura and stafffor introducing appealing new menu options. 


New 8-Classroom Building

DOE planners and engineers will be here along with Rep. Cindy Evans on Tues., Aug. 14 to receive our input on furniture, storage and accessories to be included in the proposed new 8-classroom science-tech building.  Once we have given our input, the engineers will be able to determine a full cost to be taken before the legislature for full funding.  The leadership team will give their input on Monday afternoon, so please see your GLC or Dept. Chair if you’re passionate about a particular element.  Exciting times!


Tuesday Envelope (8/7)

We will be sending home mandatory HQT/NCLB status letter to families to inform them they can request HQT info, if interested. Queries will be directed to Michelle Kauhi for followup.  


Kudos (this section will never be comprehensive, but definitely representative)

·         Bernie, Tanya, Kiki, Pristeen & Betty have spent more time away from their desks than at them this week getting students registered and off to the right classes.  Thank you so much for your hard work this time of year!

·         On the first day of school and every day thereafter, Shelby Loo has been waiting at her door with bell-ringer activities for her students to start the moment they sit down in their seats – a great maximization of instructional time!

·         Cathy, Cherise, Jamilynn, & Kathi have worked extremely closely as a Social Studies team this week to innovate a way to meet the increased demand for the inclusion of Special Education students in the regular classroom.  Thank you and good work!

·         Curtis, Sherri, Jade, & Nau’i demonstrated open and honest dialogue in their CTP meetings when discussing partnering and integration of Special Education students and mainstreamed students.  With this type of attitude, we’re ready to tackle the difficult work ahead.  Keep up the great work!

‘Ohana News 

Will be published weekly to go home in the Tuesday Envelope and posted on the website.  Anyone with news to include, please email/see Patti Thursday-Friday latest for the following Tuesday edition to give her a head’s up or info.  She can wait to receive pictures of weekend activities on Mondays, but needs to know info/pics forthcoming.  Also, story suggestions most welcome! 

School-Community News Coverage

If you have an event, fundraiser, etc. that deserves coverage in local news media, on our website and/or Facebook, please give Patti a heads up soonest.  Deadline to get info to North Hawaii News and West Hawaii Today for the SCHOOLS Page on Wednesdays is the Friday before.  Please remember that time is needed to draft/approve copy and secure pics.  We want to kick up WMS visibility and “tell our story” even better to the entire school-community.  We also want to recognize faculty, staff and student achievements whenever possible.  Please feed ideas and info to Patti.  

School Supplies & “Gently Used” Uniforms

Please see/alert Kiki if you know of students in need.  Response to our request for donations has been very generous!


Community News – Car Thefts & Other Pilikia

Lock your car and home.  After a very peaceful period, there’s been a rash of incidents in the past week. 


Primary Election

·         Walk-in Absentee Voting:  Now thru Thurs., Aug. 9, except Sunday, 8 am to 4 pm at Waimea Community Center, next to Waimea Park.  Photo ID required.  Only takes a few minutes.

·         Sat., Aug. 11 Election Day:  7 am to 6 p.m.  You should have received a yellow card in the mail with directions on where to go to vote.  Questions?  Hawai’i County Elections Office:  961-8277. 


Free After-School Programs:

·         Homework Help+:  Tuesdays & Thursdays, 2:30-3:30 pm, beginning 8/14.  So far, only about 35% have signed up. 

·         Cross Country:  Practices - Mondays & Fridays, 2:30-3:30 pm & Wednesdays 1:30-2:30 pm, beginning 8/6.  To register, see Mr. Tamaye or pickup forms in the office.  Must bring/wear running shoes, shorts, t-shirts, bring jacket.  No transportation provided.   (We will be asking school-community for donation of “like new” running shoes.)  

·         New - Beginners ‘Ukulele:  Wednesdays, 1:30-2 pm, beginning 8/15.  Iris Thompson (our MEP coordinator) is providing this at no charge to students or school.  Initial session 8 weeks.  Limited to 12 WMS students.  May bring own instrument or use one of the school’s.  Will send home registration forms in 8/7 Tuesday Envelope. 

·         Leadership:  To All 7th grade KAIR leadership students and those interested in being a part of the Leadership Team -  there will be a meeting in Mrs. Bowman's room LO3a on Monday Aug. 6th during lunch.  You can bring home lunch if you want.  Otherwise we will meet at 12:15 so others can eat in Cafeteria.

·         Robotics:  Informational meeting for students Tues., 8/7 – 12:20 pm in L-01 (Ms. Murphy’s room).  Program begins Tues., Aug. 14 – Tuesdays & Thursdays, 2:15-3:30 pm. 


Got Coqui?

There’s a new Coqui-Free Waimea Hotline to report “soundings”:  885-FROG or see Barbara Haight.