School looks quite different still yet we are excited about re-opening August 3, 2021 to full in-person learning!  We are accepting registration now.  Call please for an appointment to learn more about what makes WMS "A Place of Infinite Possibilities!"  

For information, please call (808) 887-6090 Ext. 222, or email  

All visitors to campus must wear masks and must check into the office first.  Appointment recommended for everyone's safety. 


Families are asked to do a Wellness Check daily before students come to campus.  Once arriving, students are again checked by our Health Aide to ensure everyone's wellbeing.  If a child is not well - here's what's expected:

As the new school year begins...please mark your calendar!   



PENNY WARS RESULTS AS OF 4/5/19: It's a "war" of generosity and strategy -- and as of tonight, 6th Grade continues in the lead!  But the War goes on until April 10! Thanks to all who are participating - in addition to earning Spirit Points for your grade level, you are helping find a cure for Leukemia and Lymphoma!


End of day Fri., April 5:  6th Grade Holds On To 1st Place!

6th grade – 1st place with -3393

8th grade – 2nd place with -4182

7th grade – 3rd place withy -8645 (they dropped 1,261 pennies today  )

End of day Thurs., April 4:  6th Grade Moves to 1st Place!

6th grade - 1st place with -3471

8th grade - 2nd place with -3909

7th grade - 3rd place with -9566

End of day Wed., April 3: 8th Grade Moved to 1st Place

8th grade - 1st place with -2549

6th grade - 2nd place with -3372

7th grade - 3rd place with -7894

End of day Fri., March 29: 7th Grade Moved to 1st Place 

7th grade -313
8th grade -2569
6th grade -3917 (a 7th grade student donated $20)


End of day Thurs., March 28: 6th Grade in 1st Place
6th grade -142
7th grade -480
8th grade -1519

Student Planner:  Students receive a planner on the first day of school and are expected to record homework assignments daily.  We encourage families to review it with them daily for school assignments and to track homework and behavior comments.  Important school policies are included.   Students must bring their Planner with them to class daily.  There is a $5 charge for lost planners.  

To review the planner, scroll to the bottom of this page and download.  


Campus Cash Introduced As Positives Reward!  

For 3rd Quarter, we’re piloting Campus Cash.  Students may exchange Positives (5 squares on their Gotcha Card) for a $1 Campus Cash ticket.  There’s a space for the student name and date earned and Principal's stamp.  Campus Cash can be redeemed at the Snack Shop during Morning Recess Jan. 16,  Jan. 30 and Feb. 6.  (Feb. 6 will be a 95% Attendance Award Snack Shop - free for all with 95%+ Attendance!)