WMS Mission, Vision & IKAIR Core Values

Vision: Waimea Middle School – A Place of Infinite Possibilities

Mission: “Waimea Middle School empowers all students with the skills, values, and cultural understanding to successfully navigate high school and beyond.”

Our beliefs about teaching and learning at WMPCCS:

Student success is a responsibility shared by all stakeholders: students, families, teachers and staff, administrators and the community.

  • All students are unique and deserve a rigorous, creative and nurturing school environment that encourages them to realize their individual goals and aspirations as they move through the formative middle school years.

  • Students benefit from learning opportunities that are culturally relevant and encourage appreciation and respect for diversity.

  • It is the school’s shared responsibility to develop students’ critical thinking skills necessary for success in the 21st century.

  • Quality curriculum and instruction, as well as ongoing assessment, are critical elements for student success.

Schoolwide Learning Results:

With our focus on educating the whole child, Waimea Middle School seeks to ensure that our students become competent learners who embody our core values of:


§ Recognize and produce quality work

§ Demonstrate developmental competency in academics

§ Communicate effectively

§ Understand and appreciate culture


§ Demonstrate continued academic growth

§ Use complex thinking and problem-solving skills

§ Develop personal strengths and interests


§ Set priorities and establish achievable goals for one’s own learning

§ Plan and manage time and resources to achieve goals

§ Monitor progress and evaluate learning experiences

§ Utilize technology effectively and ethically


§ Understand and follow rules and codes of conduct

§ Demonstrate responsible and ethical behavior

§ Develop habits that are individually and environmentally responsible


§ Respect similarities and differences in others

§ Respond to cultural differences with understanding, knowledge and consideration

§ Serve others and the community