Dress Code & Uniforms

School Uniforms - Celebrating School Pride!

First Day of school will be FREE DRESS for student Yearbook picture-taking.  (Dress Code applies.) 

Best Bargain!

$55 Package of 6 Short Sleeve Shirts  - $28 Package of 3 Short Sleeve Shirts)

Individual Shirts/Jackets:  

Our uniform t-shirts are a daily reminder of who we are and where we live, as well as about our IKAIR core values.  

T-shirt uniforms are mandatory and required daily for all students.  Uniform t-shirts must be worn with Dress Code-compliant pants, jeans, skirts or shorts.  Shorts and skirts must be at least 2” below the finger tips when the student’s arm is extended.  Jackets may be worn over uniform t-shirts, but t-shirt always required.  Uniform t-shirts may not be cut or altered in any way.  Long sleeved shirts must be worn underneath a uniform t‐shirt, and button up shirts must have a uniform shirt worn underneath and be visible.

FREE DRESS DAYS:  On special occasions, students may be given the opportunity to wear non‐uniform shirts. These days may include picture taking days, May Day or 8th Grade Exit. No tank tops, sleeveless shirts or dresses are allowed if the seam reaches the shoulder only. (No spaghetti or narrow straps.)

Student Dress Code:  Student Planner - Page 16