Busing & Transportation

2023-2024 WMS Student Transportation 

Transportation arrangements have shifted due to increased costs and limited availability of certified drivers.  We will only have 60 seats available for the start of school.  Applications will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis.  Payment must be received with application to secure a seat.  Applications with payment will be accepted starting July 26, 2023 at Gear Up!   No refunds will be given once payment is received. 

Bus Fees:    Monthly fee     - $40 fee per student per month for 9 months - payment due in the school office by the 5th of each month, no exceptions.  

         Pay by Quarter - $110 - payment due by July 27, Oct 6, March 5.

         Pay for Year       - $27

Please email phonemessage@wmpccs.org with questions/concerns or call:  808-313-7500.  

Students using school transportation must have their bus pass with them every day.  Replacement passes cost $5.  

Students and families are advised that seat belts are a must at all times - no exceptions.  Also, students and families are advised that there are video cameras on the bus/van to ensure everyone’s safety and appropriate behavior.   Further, families assume financial responsibility for any repair or replacement required due to student behavior.