May Day Update

We will be celebrating our May Day Ho'ike on Friday, May 19, 2023. The celebration is only open for students, teachers-staff and the Royal Court immediate family to attend. The program will be filmed and available to view free on-demand later on our school's website and Facebook page 

Waimea Middle School Girls Basketball Games 2023

  Apr.18 Tuesday Parker 5:00pm Court 3 WMS-A

  Apr.18 Tuesday HPA 5:30pm Court 3 WMS-B

  Apr.20  Thursday DNA 5:00pm Court 3 WMS-A

  Apr.20 Thursday Kohala 5:30pm Court 3 WMS-B

  Apr.27 Thursday Parker 5:30pm Court 3 WMS-B

  May 2 Tuesday HPA 5:00pm Court 3 WMS-A

  May 4 Thursday Honoka`a 5:30pm Court 3 WMS-A

  May 9 Tuesday DNA 5:00pm Court 3 WMS-B

  May 11 Thursday Kohala 5:30pm Court 3 WMS-A

  May 18 Thursday Honoka`a 5:00pm Court 3 WMS-B

Come CHEER!!! on our girls basketball teams at Waimea District Park.  WMS-A is the 8th grade team and WMS-B is the 6th & 7th grade team.

GO Nā Paniolo!!!

Effective Aug. 23, 2022, Hawai’i DOE has updated its COVID-19 guidance following the expertise of local and federal public health authorities.  Among the latest changes:

• Quarantine following exposure to COVID-19 in or out of school is no longer required.

• Notifications of exposure are only required if students and staff stay in the same space throughout the day.

• All COVID-19 cases at schools will continue to be reported on the Department’s dashboard (

• Screening testing is recommended for high-risk activities, events and following school breaks.

• For high school student-athletes, no vaccination or testing is required for participation.

• Anyone who tests positive for COVID-19 or has COVID-like symptoms must isolate for five days (, regardless of vaccination status.

• Wearing a well-fitting mask indoors is strongly encouraged when the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention determines community levels are medium or high (; for ten days following exposure to someone with COVID-19; and on days six to ten after completing isolation. 

Questions:  Please call our WMS Health Aide: (808) 313-7503.