Our office team has been getting many questions about the difference between CASES and CONTACTS and recommended procedures and guidelines to follow. This is an excellent summary - two pages. You might want to copy & save. Stay safe everyone!

Please consider “Rounding Up At The Register” to support Waimea Middle School when purchasing groceries at Foodland, now thru Sept. 30. It’s their annual GIVE ALOHA matching gifts program and even just a few cents - or a few dollars - adds up! Please designate WMS the recipient. It’s tax deductible and helps your child and all of our students safely continue learning. We’re a public charter school and receive less per pupil than regular DOE schools so welcome this help. The cashier will give you a receipt that you must save for tax reporting. Come the end of the month, Foodland – in partnership with Western Union Foundation - will match a portion of your gift so you actually help us earn even more. Every penny you give comes to the school, but Foodland does not give us a list of donors, so please make a copy of your receipt and drop it at the office, or email it to so we can personally thank you. We also thank Foodland for this annual commitment to support our children and community! It's a win-win!